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Georgina D. (Brown) Sanford
Born September 8, 1924
Passed December 23, 1995
The Georgina D. Sanford Foundation

Georgina D. Sanford loved her family, flowers, birds, singing in church choirs, volunteering, clothes, and jewelry. She was a good friend, a good mother, a good mother-in-law, a good employee, a good wife, and a GREAT grandmother. She died of cancer on December 23, 1995. She is and will always be greatly missed by her family and her friends. Her son and grandchildren were the pride of her life and they will always feel a void where her presence was in their hearts and their lives.

This foundation is established by Louis Brown, her son, and his wife Janice and their two children David and Diana to honor the quiet, yet extraordinary life of Georgina D. (Brown) Sanford respecting all the challenges she faced and overcame. As a foundation, we want to support the interruption of the quiet desperation of so many families in our country. Georgina came to this country in 1946 and became a naturalized citizen of this country in 1956. She loved her new country and no matter what life threw at her, she continued to be proud of being an American citizen. She once said she chose to become an American and it was still the choice she would have made forty years later.

We will honor the memory of Georgina by honoring the challenges life bestowed upon her. Many women in her situation would have gone home to Mother but not Georgina. She prevailed through necessity, courage, determination and sheer stubbornness. In her honor we will undertake to support charities which support families in crisis, children, family life, and church as well as helping others to become self-supporting.

Georgina became a war bride in 1946 and came over to this country from Scotland. After losing a child and divorcing her alcoholic husband she met Lous’ father but that too was a bad choice. She was on her on in 60’s America with no family, no money and no support. Money was always a challenge as Lou and his Mom raised each other through a life of TV dinners and beans. Their dining table was a card table with metal chairs until Lou was 17. Her car broke down often and times were really tough. Even with that life she was always proud and a ready volunteer who gave selflessly even though living life was a struggle and money was always something that disappeared before all the bills were paid. When Lou bought his first house at the age of 19 she was his first tenant and only had to pay $100 per month so she could get her finances stabilized. In honor of her and how tough it was Lou focused on creating Affordable Housing programs for working people remembering that once they were turned down for a house because they said she didn’t qualify.

In later years she remarried, her new husband was an ex-paratrooper who participated in D-Day.

We have also created this foundation in honor of her husband, Gordon Sanford. We have elected to honor him by supporting our troops and their families future. Those troops support us through their efforts in the war on terror so we wish to support them when they return to civilian life. When military people get their personal lives back after selflessly putting their own lives on hold or even suffering disability to ensure the rest of us enjoy our freedom, some call this the war after the war.

Some of our troops face worse challenges when they return home than when they were on active duty. After all, one expects trouble, fear, pain, hardship, and loss of dignity or humanity in a war theater. It’s harder to deal with when you are home and your resources don’t match your challenges. By “teaching them to fish” we want to be part of their solution. Through our real estate training from Street Smart® Systems we intend to provide assistance, education and re-training, and help solve the interruption of stress for their families.

Our Foundation also supports organizations such as Homes For Our Troops and the Patriot Project among others.