The G. D. Sanford Foundation is proud to offer to grant your company the G. D. Sanford Foundation’s “Community Affordable Housing Provider Award”.

Under our Affordable Housing initiative with the slogan ‘Everyone Deserves a Home’ we seek to find and train leaders willing to provide proven housing programs through their private companies in their local community.

Your company could be selected to receive the award due to your commitment to providing a very needed service to your community. In todays economy Affordable Housing continues to be a very important need and your company can do it’s part to help.

There is NO CHARGE to receive this award. We want to show Congress and your local leaders and lawmakers that companies such as yours can and do make a big difference in your area. These private companies, most times with no government assistance, buy dilapidated and vacant properties locally, hire local people, buy supplies locally, restore properties, pay property taxes and provide decent affordable housing to members of the community. You make a huge difference and should be recognized for it.

Click here for an application to qualify for our award. By filling this out and returning it with the supporting documentation you will considered for the award in your area. You must apply and not everyone will be accepted. Those selected will be notified by email and be mailed the award.

Area businesses and leaders need to know what a difference you are making so if you would like, we will also send a press release once the award has been granted.

Recipients need to be proficient on a variety of affordable housing programs including Rent, Rent-To-Own, Owner Financing, Cash Sale, Work For Equity and “Helping Hand” to help those without full down payment money and local Grant Money programs. If you are not yet an affordable housing provider, Street Smart (R) Systems is our training arm that provides a Certification program called Certified Affordable Housing Provider (CAHP) to train you to provide qualified Affordable Housing programs in your area.

On behalf of our Board of Directors I Thank You for your support of your community and the citizens you serve.

Louis D. Brown,

Janice H. Brown
P. S. To learn more about the foundation go to