As a family we are proud to acknowledge the men, women and their families who have served and are serving our country. Our American Heroes Project is dedicated to the memory of Gordon T. Sanford, Lou’s stepfather, who served as a paratrooper in Europe during World War II and participated in D-Day.


We firmly believe as a family that our servicemen and servicewomen deserve our respect, our admiration, and our support during times of war and times of peace. These men and women elect to serve, sometimes at the cost of their own family’s comfort and future as well as theirs, in order to protect us and our freedoms. Sometimes the families of these courageous men and women have to survive on food stamps as their loved ones put themselves in danger to serve our country.

To honor these men and women, we are working with the Patriot Project Foundation to support servicemen and servicewomen as well as returning veterans and disabled veterans and their families the opportunity to improve their financial future by learning investment strategies and the real estate investment business. Through the Patriot Project, our foundation will offer these veterans and active servicemen the training to begin their investment careers as well as the tools with which to accomplish the goals they set for themselves in real estate, even if it is only the purchase of a home for their families.

In addition, we are working with Operation Homefront, the USO, and Disabled Vets of America to offer support and money for services and treatments these vets deserve and sometimes have to wait for instead of getting attention immediately. They did not wait to serve and we will not wait to support.

Besides our military heroes, America’s heroes include policemen, firemen, and teachers. These are professions fraught with danger and, in some areas, poor pay. These men and women put their lives on the line for our safety every day and I include teachers in this as they face increasing violence every year in this country. These heroes also deserve the respect, admiration, and support that our military deserve. We will offer the same opportunity and support to these men and women and their families as we offer the military.

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