Everyone Deserves A Home

The Georgina D. Sanford Foundation supports affordable housing initiatives throughout the country.

Under our Everyone Deserves A Home program we work with housing providers across the nation to deliver affordable housing within their community. These goals are reached by training these housing providers on programs they may offer where they live.

This program embodies our mission to transform lives through affordable housing to empower families and individuals to enjoy the American dream of homeownership.

To further this effort real estate investment companies and their leaders are licensed to offer the approved affordable housing provider programs trained through the “Street Smart” system of real estate investing.

Hundreds of the companies who have agreed to provide these programs in their local communities have been awarded the G. D. Sanford Foundation “Community Affordable Housing Provider Award”. This is given in recognition of the outstanding service each of those companies provide the local community and families in that community by offering these important programs that transform lives through the provision of affordable homes.

Community Award

These local companies and their leaders are the backbone of delivering on this important mission. These companies take abandoned and dilapidated houses and restore them. They hire local people, buy supplies locally, rehabilitate the housing to standard building codes, restore properties to the tax roles, stabilize the neighborhood and then offer easy financing for families in need.

These companies have agreed to work with people who have less than perfect credit. Most of their buyers initially cannot qualify for traditional financing. Through these programs they are positioned to get into housing they can afford. They can enjoy the use of the home while working to improve their credit so that they may refinance at a later date at lower rates if they choose.

Most of the companies offer their properties for Rent, Rent-To-Own, Owner Financing and Cash Sale allowing anyone in any situation to fit in somewhere. The buyer or renter must have adequate income to support the payment on the property they choose.

These companies have agreed to market to attract people in any situation and seek to provide an answer that is right for that individual or family whether they are Buying or Selling.

The intention of the training is to teach them how to help people when they buy and help people when then sell. Therefore it is with pride that we support these efforts and recognize the companies who have taken the steps to impact their communities in this positive way.

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The Following Companies have been granted the G. D. Sanford Community Affordable Housing Provider Award:

Trust Properties, Atlanta (Tucker), GA
BonZoni Enterprises, Inc; Winston-Salem, NC
Cardinal Home Investors, LLC; Hartford, CT
NoogaHomeBuyers, LLC; Chattanooga, TN