Checklist for Registering to Lead YES Groups

1. Requirements to Qualify as a Volunteer Mentor/Coach

a. You must be an active real estate investor using Lou Brown’s material
b. You must be able to commit to a year long teaching/mentoring volunteer position.
c. You must be open to Lou’s coaching both in investing and in how to coach the students.
d. You must be over 21.
e. You must be patient with teens and like working with young people.
f. You must be in the position of being ready and able to give back to your community.

2. Requirements to begin a group

a. You must have a letter of commitment of sponsorship from a school or a
Church which states they will offer a meeting place, support for the mentor/coach in safety, supervision, and study.
b. You must submit to a criminal background check.
c. You must be able to enroll students or the sponsoring organization to enroll students into this program.
d. You must be responsible, reliable, and able to speak to groups.
e. You must be able to work within a system, school or church, to create a group which impacts the lives of young people, their families, and your community.

3. Guidelines to the Application Process

a. You must write a short history of your investing career, complete with
what Street Smart Systems programs you currently use in your career
b. You must write a proposal of how you intend to invite youth to enroll.
c. You must complete the application and sign and notarize your application.