Application Requirements

We have resolved that we will grant to non-profit organizations with goals similar to our own within our foundation.

We may require that we see the 501(c3) letter for each organization that makes application or a letter from their attorney stating they are a 501(c3) organization in the opinion of the IRS. We require in addition that our funds support work in communities in the United States of America. We resolve to make a difference here at home before we look abroad.

We require any person working in the Young Entrepreneurial Spirit (YES) program to undergo both a criminal check as well as a credit check. In addition, we require any mentor of our YES program to have successfully completed real estate deals and have completed Certified Deal Specialist, Certified Trust Specialist, and Certified Realty Investor trainings in order to better guide our youth to improve their lives and the lives of their families. We require each YES mentor to have experience with youth and enjoy working with youth, through school, church or community programs. We require that each YES mentor have a church sponsor or a school sponsor that is committed to working with us in the YES program.

We will support individuals only through programs administered by 501(c3) non-profit organizations. We will work through churches and schools to produce our YES programs for high risk youth and their families.

We do not favor any one religion and will work through synagogues, mosques, and temples as well as churches.

We will support cemeteries in communities which are community owned and require no money for burials in the cemeteries. We will support the trust funds established by these communities to fund the care in perpetuity for these cemeteries.

We will support pastors of any church, mosque or synagogue who desire to improve their family life and the future of their children and the children of their congregations through their own efforts in real estate investment. These pastors may receive training, funds, and investment tools through Advancing God’s Kingdom or through their own grant application to our foundation. We require the pastors receiving grants to complete their training and to pass that training on to the youth of their church and the families of those youth.

We will support programs designed to alleviate stress produced by either medical emergency or disasters which threaten the breakdown of both individual families and/or communities of families. This support will be through the efforts of 501(c)3 charities such as the American Red Cross, Atlanta Food Bank, the Southwest Indian Foundation, Habitat for Humanity as well as other like charities yet to be identified by our foundation. We require the funds received by these charities to be used to alleviate stress on families rather than the pursuit of other funds.