Too often, homeless families are broken up by the shelters which service the homeless; fathers in one shelter and mothers and children in another. Families under stress tend to wind up broken. Once a family is broken, family bonds are difficult to re-establish. Our goal is to prevent family breakup and preserve the family bonds. Homelessness should be a temporary condition, not a hopeless existence.

House On Fire

We are resolved to interrupt that cycle and help reestablish families into our community. To meet that goal, we donate to community foundations which work to meet the needs of the homeless families in our community. We work with the Atlanta Food Bank, Atlanta Children’s Center, Nathaniel’s House, and other community foundations working with families and children.

We are looking for foundations working with job training and job placement as well as providing shelter and food for the interim while the families are working to get out of the shelters. We wish to provide workable solutions as well as actual shelter. There’s an old Chinese proverb “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” That is our goal for this project.

In addition, we have a whole niche of homeless people who need homes that require special attention. These are the mentally handicapped, the physically handicapped, and people with special needs. Special needs housing is a very big missing in our community these days because there are very few places for these people to live. With a little bit of help or supervision, these people make perfect residents. We are working to develop a program to match these special needs residents with investors who have vacant houses that need to be filled. This program means working with social workers in order for the housing to meet the needs of our prospective residents. In the pool of these people, there are groups of people with different needs which would mean different housing solutions but these people can also be roommates to solve their income problems and differing needs.

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National Alliance To End Homelessness
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