The YES Project started in 2003, when Lou donated Whole Enchilada to the first YES Network in Pullman, WA and began his favorite charity project, teaching kids to play Monopoly with real buildings. This program is aimed at teaching real estate to kids along with how the credit system in our country works as well as the banking system. Lou started his business training in Junior Achievement and is a fan of that program. It taught Lou how to think like a businessman. As a result of his experience in Junior Achievement, Lou looked at providing the education in investing to kids in high school with the goal of reaching the family s well as the kids.

YES – Washington Group

Financial stress is a major cause of the breakdown of the family. To that end, we have also developed an educational program to be offered through our church and through local school systems to teach entrepreneurial skills in real estate investing and investing in general to high risk youth to show them there are pathways to success other than drugs or gang life. We hope to impact the families of these high risk youth through the programs taught through the church or the school and bring the families into the program as well. Our donations may be both monetary in nature or in the donation of educational programs or tools to further that financial education. Our educational program to teach entrepreneurial and real estate investing skills is called the YES Project.

How the YES project works is mentors who use Lou’s system and have done at least ten deals can choose to begin a group at either a church or a school. The mentor or mentors can elect to have weekly, bimonthly, or monthly meetings. We prefer weekly meetings as the kids learn better with more frequent meetings. The first group actually met as a summer program that met every day for six weeks the first year to learn the business and the next three years did projects as a group together, including renovation of houses.

In addition to the donation of the Whole Enchilada, Lou also donated telephone teaching time and answered questions as well as offering coaching for both the group and the mentors. The YES groups will also be offered the opportunity to attend as a group a Millionaire Jump Start boot camp. The YES groups will receive the Whole Enchilada Junior as well as the Silver level in coaching.

This project is in honor of Louis Brown and his work with teaching financial responsibility and integrity throughout the country. He began teaching as a volunteer with Georgia Real Estate Investors Association and has also volunteered at high schools to teach high school seniors about the credit system, the banking system, and how to read a contract whether it’s a loan contract, a rental contract, or a purchase and sale agreement.

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