While our hearts go out to victims of emergencies overseas, as a family we are dedicated to the relief of families here at home first. While we do not restrict ourselves to problems here at home, we resolve first to focus on the problems families face here at home in dealing with emergencies and disasters.

New Orleans - After Hurricane Katrina
New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina

Our country has faced hurricanes, floods, and wild fires in growing numbers over the last few years. As a nation, we receive less help in times of natural disaster than any other country. We basically take care of our own. This is of primary importance to us as a family. We take care of our own family and our own community. We resolve to offer assistance through the American Red Cross, United Way, Children of Chaos, local churches, and the Salvation Army to any American family or community who face dealing with flood, fire, wind, weather, and whatever natural disaster thrown at them.

In addition, we are actively looking for other partners in dealing with emergencies on a community level. These nonprofit foundations need to meet two requirements in working with us, that over 75% of all funds are used for the stated purpose of each partner foundation and that they are involved in a specific community with a specific purpose in resolving the problems brought on by disaster.

This project is in honor of Dr. Howard B. Powell, a church deacon for decades charged with the problem of dealing with helping people in his community and his church family with limited funds, limited resources, and an extremely creative mind.

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Check with your local churches to get involved with local disaster relief efforts and support assistance programs in your own home town.