Georgina D. Sanford

Application for Mentors of YES Groups
When Complete, Fax To: 770-939-3177 Attn: Janice



Phone Fax


Please use more paper if need and be as thorough as possible with your answers. Your individual application needs to be accompanied by the Application Receipt Agreement as well as an application for funding from your sponsoring church or school.

How long have you been an investor?

How many deals have you done?

What do you own of Lou Brown’s Whole Enchilada system? What boot camps have you attended?

Do you have experience working with teens or teaching experience? Explain (please use additional paper if needed)

Do you have a church or school that could sponsor your group?

Do you have a criminal record? Have you ever been arrested or investigated or convicted of any sexual crime? (Please note we will ask your permission to check your background as fully as possible as you will be working with youth)

What is your educational background?

What is your work experience?

Have you had volunteer experience before? And what organization was that?

Are you coachable as well as able to coach?

What is your philosophy of investing?

What do you consider to be your most valued ethics of life?

Why did you decide to pursue real estate investing as a career or as a part time job?

What do you think you can bring to the YES group?

Do you have children who would be participating in this program?

Do you consider yourself a humorous person?

Do you consider yourself a patient person?

Are you comfortable talking with strangers and can you teach others to become comfortable talking with strangers?

What are your strongest personality traits?

What are your weaker traits and how are you working to overcome them?

What is the quality you like about yourself the most? The least?

Do you understand the credit system and could you teach someone how to balance a checkbook and monitor their credit report?

Are you good at networking and getting people to help with your projects? If needed, can you work as a team member instead of as leader?

Can you manage your time well and can you teach someone how to manage their time well?

Can you fill out a business plan, a goal sheet, design a plan and implement the plan?

How well do you do on the telephone? Can you teach those skills?

How well do you follow instructions or coaching?

How much experience have you had as a coach or as a team leader?

How committed to being a part of this program are you? This will take time from your work, your family, and your life. You need to be aware of the commitment and the fact your kids will miss you if you quit midstream.

Can you spearhead the effort to get agreement from a school or church to sponsor your group?

Can you come up with a plan to get agreement from a school or a church and implement it?
(subject to Foundation approval)

Please provide names and contact information for six (6) references as well as your employer. If you are self-employed, please provide a seventh reference as well.

Please attach application of the church or school that will be sponsoring your group. This is the G. D. Sanford Foundation application for 501(c)3 organizations to complete.